Friday, February 23, 2007

Bending the rules

I don't usually comment on Australian politics. Actually I'm usually happier not even thinking about it. But I read about this on a blog this morning and was really annoyed.

There are plenty worse things happening in the world. But (possibly because of those worse things) the combination of Dick Cheney, guns and John Howard (pandering to the US yet again) constitutes a veritable axis of evil.

Tightening gun laws is the only good thing I can ever remember John Howard doing. In contrast, I have a long mental list of negatives - impressive considering that I've been out of the country and quite out of touch for the last few years.

Hearing that the Federal Government pressured New South Wales to change it's gun laws for Dick Cheney's private guards (yes, he of infamously bad aim, of all people!) really gets up my goat.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Two sets of rules - rule of law for us, above the law for them.

Mim said...

And public holidays called in sydney because of all the fuss - when george bush comes here in sept, sydney will have a public holiday.... calling the city to standstill??!!

Joe said...

Woohoo! All the better for protesting!