Monday, February 26, 2007


Lately I've tried to make sure that I blog each Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. The reason is that my statscounter shows a huge spike in hits every Monday. Why is this? Do you all get to work on Monday morning and spend the first part of the day stuffing around on the internet?

I didn't manage a post yesterday because I was up (slightly) north in the ancestral homelands. I had a good time and managed to read almost every article in every section of the Saturday newspaper (ok, except for sport). It's so healthy for me to be seperated from the internet for a few days.

I logged back on this afternoon to find an exciting email. I finally have that elusive third job! It's only temporary at the moment but at least I've got my foot in another door...

(p.s. viewed the apartment on Saturday but no good lah)

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