Saturday, February 03, 2007

Things you can catch

Much to my relief (but to the possbile detriment of this blog) a mutiny is on against the naked+2 theme. My source informs me that most people will attend tonight wearing an excessive amount of clothing in protest. I'm still very grateful for all your suggestions.

I had decided to wear an ankle length kameez, plus underwear or the hat, depending on how thick the material was. I even asked the old men's class this morning about where to buy one. They weren't much help, however, since they all agreed that 'London expensive, buy Morocco cheap'.

This morning's lesson was transport themed and someone asked me why we say 'catch the bus'. I had just finished giving some examples of things that we catch when one of the oldest students stood up, 'Joe, I need to catch the toilet'. I hope I'm that funny at 77.


Frau Schinkeldinkeleinmeister said...

In Cherman wun sez "travel viss ze bus" but ze verd for "travel" iz ze same as "drive". So Herr Schinkeldinkeleinmeister sometimes sez "I drove ze bus dis morning" and I say "Wat? You kick out ze bus driver and kidnap ze bus?"

Joe said...

Haha... yeah you have to be careful. I had a Cantonese teacher once who delighted in teaching the class rude slang.

In a lesson on catching different modes of transport he almost caused some class members to die of embarrassment.