Monday, February 12, 2007

Other people's blogs

Jason has posted great photos of our trip to the Museum of Childhood yesterday. Yes, I couldn't resist playing teacher and doing a story telling session.Iqbal has posted a charming little poem he saw at the museum. Hmm.

I've just done the 7 Deadly Sins Quiz which Cal has written about. I'm too embarrassed to put up the results but I will admit to scoring fairly high on pride and envy!

It looks like last week's snow was much more impressive in the north of London. The Sherwinators took some very cool photos.

Slightly different weather in Hong Kong where Whitesilver went on a junk trip. I'm so jealous!

And Dim Sum Dolly is blogging again. Yay!


cal said...

Hey, if I can post mine where the highest sin was lust (though to be fair even that was only medium) then there's no excuse for you not posting your's!!

Joe said...

haha... actually I was embarrassed that my lust was 'very low'!