Thursday, February 01, 2007


Yes - that's the theme of a birthday party I'm going to at the weekend. Only two pieces of clothing per person. Obviously it was concocted by someone who, unlike me, spends copious hours at the gym. Any smart ideas for my outfit?

One item could be my new hat - I may be making a fool of myself all over London but it gives me the power to make grumpy people smile.


mim said...

it must have been thought up by someone who not only spends many, many hours in the gym - but also partakes in the occasional solariumathon. is any body ready to be revealed after/during an english winter??

jase said...

Onward to victory Dinosaur Boy!

Nice photo by the way :D

Joe said...

You would think so. But if one body was ready to be revealed then it may benefit by comparison. All will be revealed on Saturday I suppose.

Sorry Jason. I should have credited you. Jason took this photo people. Respect.

Cal said...

Apparently jumpsuits are coming back into fashion again (I've been spending waaay too much time around fashion people recently). Of course they look terrible but they are just one piece of clothing that cover most of your body - thus leaving you free to wear the hat as well.

White Silver said...

Two pieces huh? And will that be "before" you enter the birthday premesis or within? Either this birthday dude a topless fanatic, or something else to the term "birthday suit".

If you want to remain "unnaked" I suggest you get your self a DIVING Suit and swimming trunks underneath. Exactly two things needed for the event.

You have a very interesting hat, hope to see more of you again.

Knuffy's Owner said...

Gosh, yeah, considering it IS still winter over there, maybe it should have been naked+2+overcoat.

Can I just say again how cool that hat is! Those who think you're making a fool of yourself are just jealous!

Joe said...

Hehe... thanks everyone :)